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Donate towards KDEF's Annual Mentorship Program

Students in Kenya receive little, if any, coaching in life skills

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Mentorship makes a difference

Students develop skills in leadership, conflict resolution, stress management, and educational and career goal-setting strategies. They also learn about effects of female genital mutilation and teenage pregnancy which keep girls from realizing their full potential. There are workshops on reproductive health, HIV/AIDs, anti terrorism messaging, women's empowerment, and the role of men in facing these challenges.

A mentorship program provides both structure and sound content designed to reach impressionable young people and their thirst for knowledge. As the future of their communities and economic vitality of Marsabit and Samburu Counties, participants return to their villages and schools, spreading her new- found knowledge as they model new life skills and healthy behaviors.

A $160 donation supports a student for the 3-day mentorship program that includes food, accommodations, cost of training and all training materials.

A $10,000 donation covers the entire cost of an annual mentorship program.