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Donate for Water, Sustainable Water Units, Classrooms, Sanitation Blocks

KDEF identifies locations with poor school infrastructures through the County Steering Group and responds to the needs through either rehabilitation or construction of classrooms, sanitation blocks or water units.

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School Water/Sanitation Infrastructure Program for Marsabit County, Kenya

KDEF in close coordination with the County Governments and Development Sector Steering Groups in Northern Kenya received a list of prioritized communities that are in dire need. Through community needs assessment and community dialogue and action planning sessions, top on the list of problems raised are lack of sufficient and clean water followed by lack of classrooms and sanitation blocks.

Drought conditions in the drylands of Northern Kenya is not new, however, what is new is the change in the rain patterns. The region now experiences less rain periods and more dry periods. Because of missed rain, water pans dry up. The chore of collecting water falls on the women and children who are having to walk longer distances (14-28 kilometers) that is 8 1/2 to 17 miles to get water.

We want to help the people from Marsabit and Samburu Counties sustain their rain water by funding rain harvesting units for as many villages as possible. Please help prevent a future emergency situation by donating towards a water harvesting system.

Children from remote pastoralist areas of Marsabit County have limited access to education. Challenges contributing to this include a lack of schooling facilities, high level of food insecurity and sporadic localized conflict. In addtition, girls are far less likely to be enrolled than boys owing to early marriages and other cultural practices.

Your donation to this program will help ensure children as well as adults from the hardest hit areas, have a sustainable solution to the water problems and conducive learning environments for their children.