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Donate for Water

People of Marsabit County in Northern Kenya are in the midst of a severe drought. Water trucking is needed to bring life saving water twice a month until the expected rains come in December

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Water for Marsabit County, Kenya

Drought conditions in the drylands of Northern Kenya is not new, however, what is new is the change in the rain patterns. The region now experiences less rain periods and more dry periods. Because of missed rain, water pans dry up. The chore of collecting water falls on the women and children who are having to walk longer distances (14-28 kilometers) that is 8 1/2 to 17 miles to get water.

We want to help the people from Marsabit and Samburu Counties sustain their rain water by funding rain harvesting units for as many villages as possible. Please help prevent a future emergency situation by donating towards a water harvesting system.